Fun Day For All When Rescue Dog Visits Senior Living Community

Last Friday, Tucker, a recent Dog of the Week, took a fun day trip to Siskiyou Springs Senior Living Community, in Yreka. He received a warm reception from staff and residents, many of whom he had met before. We spent an hour meeting and chatting with community members throughout the facility. Everyone involved had a great time.

Meet Tucker

Tucker is a redbone coonhound who arrived at Rescue Ranch in July, 2022, with a severely broken leg. Thanks to Kitu’s Fund for high-cost, life-saving veterinary treatment, he was able to get the care he needed. It was a long recovery, but, today, he is a happy, healthy, 10-year-old senior dog looking for a family to love.

Tucker’s gentle, approachable demeanor makes him ideal for socializing. He relishes his interactions with people of all ages. The assisted living community is no exception.

Tucker’s Fun Day Adventure

After putting up with his beauty bath, Tucker travelled to the senior living community. He needed a little assistance climbing into the car, but did very well throughout the short ride. He was calm and curious about his  unexpected field trip.


Greetings in the lobby

We were greeted by Activities Manager Donna Porter, who led us to the main lobby where a number of Tuckers new friends were gathered. She explained that we would meet with some community members here and then move on to individual rooms and other areas. Tucker’s fans were everywhere, and we didn’t want to miss anyone.

Tucker’s first stop was with Don, an Airforce veteran who enlisted when he turned 18 towards the end of WWII. He trained with a crew of 10 on B-17 and B-24 Bombers and recalled how tight-knit his team became after months of training. He spent 33 months in active service. Thanks, Don!

Tucker also enjoyed spending time with Dorothy, Sharlene, Ruth, Barbara, Lois, and Margean. He even went back for seconds.


New friends on the ground floor and in the courtyard

From the lobby, we looked in on some ground floor residents as we made our way to the lovely courtyard. We stopped for a quick hello at Mary’s door, then continued on to Butch’s room. Butch is active in the community and enjoys bingo. As he stroked Tucker’s head, he told us he loved dogs and wished he could have one, so this was a welcome treat.

We found Jim just down the hall. He likes black Labs so much he’s had six of them! A black Lab figurine sat on the floor, and on the side table stood a framed photo of Jim and his dog. We also learned that he was a former Rescue Ranch adopter! Talk about a committed dog lover!

In the residence’s lovely courtyard, we encountered a second Mary sitting with Wynona whose little dog, Daisy, also happened to be visiting. Tucker was smitten.

We joined Marianne in a small alcove off the main garden. Tucker was more than happy to accept her attentions as she chatted with Donna and Ali.

Fun day wraps up with Bingo and old friends

Next stop, second floor. Tucker weathered the elevator like a champ but couldn’t wait to get out. Later, on the way down, we rewarded him with stairs. The “Bingo Ladies” were gathering at a long table on the landing, where “Bingo Betty” and Beverly had their cards at the ready.

There, we also met another Barbara, who was quite taken with Tucker. Not that he was complaining. And when Thea, in the red sweater, asked me about my camera, I learned that she had once owned a camera shop. I could tell she was out of my league.

Tucker had three more people to see. We stopped by Joan’s room for a brief hello. She particularly appreciated his velvety ears. Who can blame her? They are the softest things on the planet.

We then sought out another acquaintance, Allen, who was eagerly awaiting our arrival. He and Tucker are BFFs. If the residence allowed dogs, I’m not sure we would have gotten him back. He and Allen have a special connection. Finally, we interrupted Cathy’s US Open. An obvious dog lover, she didn’t seem to mind. Tucker sure didn’t.

We thanked Donna, and bid farewell to Carey and Patti at reception before returning to the Adoption Center. We had a wonderful time. It was a fun day for all concerned, including Tucker!