From shy to silly.

His name was Buster but he didn’t seem to like his name and so we renamed him Fritz which he happily responds too.
Fritz was very scared and shy, occasionally he still can prefer a quiet hidden spot but has recently begin to trust us more. With more trust he has begun to let us know him.
He is silly! In each pic he is either mimicking his new pack by sitting like us or standing and walking on two feet! He is a performer and it is the cutest thing!
He does somersaults for pets and loves to give high fives or just spend some quality time holding paws.
He is learning house training and doing pretty good. He had no idea how to play when we got.him but now he just gets silly with us and rolls and jumps around. We are crazy about him.
It has been so rewarding to watch him come out of his shell and trust us and we look forward to continuing to get to know him and build a lifelong bond with him.
Thank you for letting us take home our little buddy Fritz.

~ Amy