Meet Rodeo


Have you heard about Rodeo, our special needs pittie? Rodeo is a long-term resident at the Ranch who is still hoping to round up a loving forever home. This handsome four-year-old dog has spent most of his life in rescue, so he may be a bit of a bronco on the outside. But underneath his ruff exterior is a heart of gold.

Rodeo was born completely deaf in both ears. This means that he relies on hand signals to figure out what is going on around him. This smart dog has already come a long way: he knows the signals for “Heel,” “Stop,” “Sit,” and “Come.” Rodeo loves to spend time with people he knows and trusts. And, although he is fence reactive, he enjoys making new friends when he is away from his kennel.

Like all mustangs, Rodeo loves his freedom. He is crate trained and knows how to sleep in a crate at night. But he doesn’t like being cooped up during the day. He would be happiest in an adult-only home, where he can spend plenty of time outside in a securely fenced yard with lots of room to roam. His adopters must be willing to learn how to communicate with him using hand signals and an electronic training collar. They’ll also need to supervise any introductions between Rodeo and new friends (canine or human).

Becuase he is hearing impaired, Rodeo startles easily. He’s been improving at our sanctuary, and he’ll need to go to a calm environment where he’ll feel safe at all times. Rodeo can get along with other dogs given the right introduction, but we don’t recommend a home with smaller critters like cats.

Adopting a special needs dog can certainly be a challenge. But we promise that once you’ve forged a bond with this dear dog you’ll know you’ve struck gold. Do you have a hearth and bunk to share? Then call us at (530)842-0829 to make an appointment to meet Rodeo today!

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