Remy, Rescue Ranch Dog of the Week

Meet Remy,

Many of the dogs who come to the Ranch are ready for a new start in life from the moment they arrive. Others have require additional time, patience and rehabilitation before they are ready to venture out into an adoptive home. Remy is one of these special needs dogs. So if you’re looking for a companion who needs an extra helping of love and understanding, read on!

Remy is a handsome, mature German shepherd who is coming up on eight years old. At a 85 pounds, he’s a big boy too! What sets Remy apart is that he spent the first seven years of his life tethered to a tree. Naturally, this left some emotional scars and Remy still struggles with anxiety. He’s improving in the calm surroundings of the Sanctuary but will still circle an invisible tree when he feels overwhelmed.

In their efforts to calm him, Sanctuary staff have learned that Remy benefits from exploring new environments, so they regulalry change up his kennel arrangement to keep him occupied. When one of his spinning fits overtakes him, our trainers interrupt and redirect him with the help of positive reinforcement.
Despite his anxiety, Remy loves people, especially when they join him in his favorite games: soccer, fetch and playing in the water. He’s an affectionate boy who would do well in a calm home environment.

As a graduate of the Intermountain Mannered Mutts program, he’s had quite a bit of training. He gets along well with other large dogs. We recommend him to a home without cats or small dogs. Remy would be happiest in a family with older, considerate children or an adult-only household.

Because of his challenges, we think Remy would do best with an adopter who is an experienced dog handler. If you have room in your heart for this extra-special boy, call the Ranch at (530)842-0829 to make an appointment to meet Remy today.

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