Rebel, Rescue Ranch Dog of the Week

Meet Rebel,

If you are looking for a true-blue companion to keep you company, Rebel might be just the dog for you. Once you are in Rebel’s circle of friends you are in for life! This special dog would follow his people to the ends of the Earth and back. And, at just three years old, he has many years of companionship left to give.

Rebel’s ideal home would be with an adult who would keep his exposure to new people to a minimum. This is because Rebel does not like strangers and is slow to warm up to new friends. He can learn to accept new people into his life, but he absolutely requires careful, proper introductions with everyone he meets. He would make a great companion for a person who spends a lot of time alone on his or her own property.

Rebel is an awesome watchdog, but don’t get him wrong: he has a goofy side too! He could play ball all day long, and he loves the water! He gets along well with most other dogs, too, and would do well with the right canine companion. Rebel is an intelligent dog who is eager to learn new skills. He already knows how to walk on leash and has a great foundation of basic obedience skills.

Rebel can be an escape artist and requires a secure, six-foot-fence to keep him safe. Given his temperament, experience with dogs is suggested (but not required) for his adopter.

Rebel is currently at the Rescue Ranch Sanctuary. If you would like to give this dog a chance, call us at (530)842-0829 to make an appointment to meet him today!

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