Penguin, Rescue Ranch Dog of the Week

Meet Penguin,

If you’re looking to adopt an active dog who will join you on adventures in the great outdoors, Penguin might be just the one for you! This six-year-old Black Labrador mix will make some lucky person a great companion. Are you hoping to find a dog who will be your hiking or hunting buddy? We’re confident that with a little practice, Penguin is up for any challenge.

Though he is no longer a pup, Penguin is still in the prime of life and quite energetic. Weighing in at 95 pounds, he needs an owner who can physically handle a large and powerful dog. Penguin is very smart, as attested by the fact that he has graduated from the Intermountain Mannered Mutts training program. He’s house- and crate-trained, and he also knows how to “sit,” “stay” and “come.” Since coming to Rescue Ranch he’s been introduced to other commands such as “down” and “heel.” He is a bit reserved and takes  time to warm up to new people. But this clever boy is well worth the wait.

Penguin is selective with other dogs and would be happiest as the only pup in the home. He does have a very pronounced chase instinct, so he needs a home without any small animals, including cats. Due to his size and strength, he would do best in a family without children. Penguin needs a large, securely fenced yard where he can run and play.

This handsome boy has been living at our shelter for about nine months now. Unfortunately for Penguin, black dogs are typically overlooked by potential adopters. Penguin is still waiting for that one special person who will see him for the wonderful dog he is and take him home forever. Does Penguin sound like the ideal dog for you? Then come on down to the Ranch to meet this beautiful dog today!

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Rescue Ranch is open seven days a week from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome. If you’re coming from a long way to meet a specific dog, we encourage you to call first to be sure they’re available when you visit.

Walk-ins are welcome, but please check our hours before coming to visit. If you’re coming from a long way to meet a specific dog, we encourage you to call us first to be sure they’re available and on site when you visit. Phone: (530) 842-0829.