Meet Persephone


Persephone came to us last spring with a litter of eleven young puppies. She was a responsible mother and very glad to have help raising her large litter. Since her pups have grown up and moved on to their own forever homes, she’s been living here at the shelter. She’s hoping someone will come along and see her for the special dog she is.

In truth, Persephone is intelligent and very gentle. However, she puts on an amazing bluff at being tough behind a fence! Outside a fence, she’s a truly wonderful dog to be around, eager to please and very responsive to kindness. She takes a few minutes to warm up to new folks but once she knows you, she’s eager for affection. She would make a great guardian for a ranch but would be a wonderful family member as well. She just needs to be shown how to be the family dog she was meant to be.

Persephone is highly social with other dogs and has great dog sense. She is playful but respectful and did very well with a large pack of dogs in her foster home. We don’t know her history with children, livestock or cats. Given guidance, we feel sure she can adapt to most any situation.

If this lovely lady touches your heart, come on down to the Ranch to meet her today!

Walk-ins are welcome, but please check our hours before coming to visit. If you’re coming from a long way to meet a specific dog, we encourage you to call us first to be sure they’re available and on site when you visit. Phone: (530) 842-0829.