A Dog and his Boy

One day there was a kid who really wanted a puppy.  As part of his leadership class, the kid made a puppy exercising toy for a place called the Rescue Ranch.  When he delivered the toy, he saw many puppies.  The kid begged his parents for a long while before they finally agreed to foster a puppy. The family ended up fostering a husky puppy named Juneau.  The family was fostering Juneau for about a week when there was an offer put in to adopt her.  The family then had to give up Juneau which was hard to do because they loved having her around.

The family had a week with no dogs but then fostered two very little puppy’s.  These puppy’s names were Dane and Dusty and they were the cutest little things of all time.  The family had them for four days before they went back to the Rescue Ranch.  Everybody was sad to see them go.  Then the family decided to adopt Dane.  The family had some serious conversations about this, since they already had two cats and a dog, but eventually adopted Dane.  The family changed the puppies name to Fisher, which seemed to suit him.

When the family first adopted Fisher, they took him for a road trip to Park City, Utah and Sun Valley, Idaho. This trip helped him experience many things such as cross-country skiing and hiking. It also helped him learn how to deal with the car. Now Fisher is part of the household. He plays with the older dog, he plays with the family, and he is a loving dog.  The whole family loves Fisher, especially the kid.