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rr ember

Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You To Ember!

Meet our fabulous gorgeous wonderful foster dog, Ember! Ember is looking for a loyal loving companion. After a daily walk. A treat or two, she just enjoys hanging out with her family. She gets along with both cats and dogs! She is house trained and would like her own recliner. After all she is a… Read More

rr group

Meet The Newest Additions To Then Rescue Ranch

The top row (D pups) are a Husky mix. These pups are about 8 weeks old. They are a lively bunch and are starting to show some of that Husky personality. There are 7 males and 2 females. The bottom row (Z pups) are a pit, lab, and healer. They are about 12 weeks old… Read More

RR Cheesie

Say Hi To Cheesie!

Cheesie (formally Nyles) is a return here at Rescue Ranch. He was adopted as a puppy last year but unfortunately, the owners became unable to care for him and he was returned. He loves to snuggle and is great with kids. He is easy going, loves to play fetch. He knows some basic commands such… Read More

She loves to hang out and watch TV

Beautiful Mercy

We talked about getting a dog for a few years, but our house was on such a small lot, it just wouldn’t have been good for anyone. We were looking for larger property a little out of town, so the conversation came back up. We went to an adoption event at Petsmart in Medford on… Read More

rr Tori

Say Hi To Tori

Tori is a shy pup. She needs some love and affection in her life. She does well with most dogs and currently is buddies with Branson. She walks excellent on leash but does not know any basic commands. Tori is looking for a home where someone understands her and can give her the affection she… Read More

rr London

Let Me Introduce You To KOng

This is Kong! A big lug! He’s a friendly dog who loves all people and most dogs. He needs some room to run around and would do best with a buddy. In the past few months, he is really matured and practiced his manner and basic commands. Kong is neutered, microchipped, and current on all… Read More

rr jack

Everybody Say Hi To Jack!

Jack is a sweet dog, looking for his only person. Jack enjoys attention from all people but will follow the right person to the ends of the Earth. He knows how to “sit”, “lay down”, “stay”, “load up”, and “hop over”. He would be an excellent dog for agility courses and competitions. Jack will learn anything new as long… Read More

RR Trinity

Ladies and Gentlemen Meet Trinity

Trinity is new to us here at Rescue Ranch. She has a big heart, in a little body. She has a lot of spunk which she releases through her kisses! We have not tried her with other dogs yet but she will likely be great! Trinity is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccinations. Come… Read More

rr shane

Meet Christmas Pups Harris, Shane, and Spencer

 These are the last of the Christmas pups! They are nearly 4 months old now! If you are looking for a loving and gentle companion, look no further!  Come on out to Rescue Ranch 7 days a week from noon to 4 pm and cuddle with the pups and see if they have the right… Read More


The Reeser’s  Puppy Foster Family-in their words-

We foster puppies for many reasons. One of them being it is extremely therapeutic for my husband Craig. He is a disabled veteran with PTSD. The foster puppies have proven to bring his overall well-being up a, bringing him a smile more often. When Craig’s feeling down I can put a little puppy in his… Read More


What is National Adoption Weekend?

Four times per year, PetSmart Charities works with Animal Welfare Organizations across North America to host pet adoption events within PetSmart stores. When you attend, you’ll find dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and small pets all in need of a lifelong, loving home. The amazing rescue organizations at the PetSmart in Medford February 16th-18th, 2018 ensure… Read More


61 abandoned puppies and stray moms taken in during the months of November -January.

Puppy rescue at Rescue Ranch is truly a community affair. It starts with puppies (sometimes pregnant moms or moms already with pups) spending quality time safely in a foster home. Every litter of puppies is different from those young enough to still need bottle feeding every few hours to those old enough to start their… Read More


Lilly Is In The Building

Lily is a girl that is all about having people in her life. Lily is the kind of girl that would really like to be with her special someone (and all their friends), all of the time. She can be great hanging out with other dogs her size (right now Travis and Spinner are her… Read More


It’s Travis!!!

Travis is a new arrival at RR. Travis is a special need boy too, needing daily eye drops to keep his eyes moist. Travis traveled here on the saving chain of transport angels coming to us from Avenal. So far, at the ranch, he is extremely curious but a little shy and reserved with new… Read More


Ladies and Gentlemen We Introduce You To Spinner

Spinner is an adorable Apple Head Chihuahua. He is a very special boy with a special need. Our Spinner is mostly deaf but does super responding to visual and vibrational cues. He also doesn’t let his special need slow him down! He does well with other dogs here at the ranch; showing off and being… Read More


Meet Becky

Becky has an intense gaze that pierces your heart and soul. When she is waiting for you she is very patient and respectful. She really likes to cuddle with her favorite people. She plays well with multiple dogs in groups and one on one. She knows some of her basic commands. Come on out to… Read More


Meet Rail

Rail is our big boy lab, at about 80lbs! and between one and two years old. He has excellent manners and aims to please. He knows his name and comes when called. He is affectionate and likes being with people. He plays well with other dogs in our active playgroups. Rail is an excellent leash… Read More

Meet Squirrel

Meet Squirrel

Squirrel is a about one-year-old and about 45lbs. She is extremely smart and knows how to find attention. She is a wild child with a relentless ball drive. Her obsession with toys means she is an extremely trainable dog for the special someone who has time for her. She plays well with other dogs. Come… Read More

Schip family unite!

Schipp Sisters

We got our ‘Girls’ February 2016 – from a family of nine! Trouble & Noni (No Name) eventually became Bella and Foxy. I often tell the story, of how these dogs were destined for our home. My wife is very fond of a Family friend schipperke mix. That day we drove down from Oregon, to… Read More


Rescue Ranch’s Puppy Palooza 2018

Come join us this Sunday, January 21st from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the ranch (2216 Oberlin Rd, Yreka) for our first Puppy Palooza of the year. Thanks to our foster families, and our supportive community we have been able to rescue the almost overwhelming influx of puppies and pregnant moms-to-be that were abandoned… Read More

Ride Home

My Lil Buddy

We were visiting family, they had this adorable little dog that they had adopted from the rescue ranch which just so happened to be down the road from their house. So on the way out we decided that we would stop in & check it out. I told my boyfriend Steve as we were pulling… Read More


Meet Boady

Hi I’m Boady, and I’m looking for someone who likes to cuddle on the coach, take a nap or two, and enjoy watching a movie with some doggie treats. For me, the perfect Friday date night is a quiet night spent inside with our pj’s on. I’m good with other dogs as my sweet disposition… Read More


Meet Edwin – He Is Full Of Love!

Hello, I’m Edwin and I would love to find my ‘furever’ home for the New Year. I love the volunteers here at the ranch and don’t tell the rest of the dogs, but I’m one of their favorites. I’m around 5 years old, but who’s counting. I love my walks and if you’re up for… Read More



Hi, I’m Ember and I’m looking for my ‘furever’ home for the New Year. While I might be 10, I’m still full of spunk and ready to get out and play and go for nice walks. While I don’t mind boy dogs in the house if their not silly puppies, I’m not a fan of… Read More


Let Us Introduce You To Branson.

Hi, I’m Branson, and I would love a furever home for the New Year. People like to compliment me on my sweetness, and there is nothing more I would love to do that to spend my days with you, I’m a loving family dog. If you like wiggling, you’ll love me, see wiggling is my… Read More

Sudee with Tache, Pollux, Hatchi and eeyore the parrot

Our Rescues, Pollux, Tacheand Eeyore the Parrot

HI, We have 3 dogs, one from a breeder, one from a breed rescue and one from Jackson County Animal Shelter. We are FOTAS volunteers and met John the week after he was on the news for rescuing dogs from fires and marajuana grows. My husband is one of photographers for FOTAS. He was planning to… Read More


Furever Home Tales – BelBel

We adopted BelBel from the Rescue Ranch in March 2016. She is precious! We have two other schips and she gets along well with them. She loves to go on runs, and really snuggle under the covers!  

cash santa

Another Furever Home Update – Cash’s Story

Before Rescue Ranch: Cash is about one year old and great with kids, dogs, and cats. He is a gentle loving soul that loves his walks. He isn’t going to be a champion sheepherder or a Frisbee-catching star, but he will bring you rays of sunshine every day with his sweet ways and winning smiles. Before… Read More

Name: Zeus
Sex: M
Age 3 yrs
Weight: 60 lbs.

Dear Santa, It’s Me Zeus

Hi, it’s me Zeus. For Christmas this year, I just want to find my forever home. You know my ideal new dog-parents would play lots of fetch with me, and give me lots and lots of attention. In exchange, I promise to give them all my love and make them the center of my world.… Read More


Dear Santa

It’s me Angie.  For Christmas – there is nothing I want more this year than to be adopted, please. You know how much I love people, and I think I’m super relaxed and easygoing. My perfect dog-parent would be equally happy going for walks and snuggling together by a nice warm fire.  Santa, if it’s… Read More


Dear Santa

My name is Trooper. For Christmas, I would like to be adopted. Santa, you know I’m a lover. I take all kinds: dogs, cats, chickens and even goats! Santa, I try so hard to be considerate – I’m always polite on leash walks and I am more than happy to protect our territory. My foster-… Read More

Let’s Play Catch

Let’s Play Catch

Becky wants to engage you in a rousing game of fetch or play with any kind of toy. She is very social with adults and kid friendly. Becky has had so much fun since coming to the ranch and playing with staff and being a great participant in one of our multiple dog play groups.… Read More

Sox The Love Bug!

Sox The Love Bug!

Sox is a total love bug. Sox is kid friendly and loves toys. He is very dog social and would be best in another home with an energetic dog brother of sister to help meet his need for social activity with humans and dogs. Sox is a fun loving guy looking for that fun loving… Read More

Name: Dino     
Sex: M     
Age: 3ish   
Weight: 40 lbs.

Meet Dino

Dino is mellow and a little shy but is a loving boy once he gets know you. He came from one of our “multiple dogs at one home rescues” so we know he can get along well with other dogs, and here at the ranch, he spends his days with Tootsie and Sammie from the… Read More

Sarah Gross - IMG_7201

Christmas Photos Are Going to the Dogs

Download your Christmas Photos here Download your Christmas Photos here

rr santa

Pictures With Santa

Have your dog’s picture taken with Santa!! Santa will be at Tractor Supply in Yreka from 11am to 3pm. Pictures will be available digitally, and pictures are taken with a requested donation of what you would like to give.

rr casa event

Giving Tuesday

Join us at Casa Ramos Tuesday, November 28th. We’ll be onsite and accepting donations, and if you choose to make a donation while we’re at Casa Ramos, they will take 15% off your bill. See you on Tuesday!


We love our spunky little Chihuahuas!!!!!

Little Chiquita is another one of our lucky pups that is living with one of our amazing fosters. Chiquita is living happily with four other little ones plus one more little Chi/Pom foster. Her furry foster siblings are both young and old so we know she would be great in a family of littles. She… Read More


Senior Dogs ROCK Meet Angie and Ember

Angie is a quiet girl looking for a loving person and family to spend her days with just enjoying each other’s company. Angie would enjoy some walks around the block to help keep you both exercised then perhaps coming home and just hanging out. She would love to be your gardening companion and to have her… Read More


Meet Pete – The Life Of The Party

Pete is the life of the party kind of bully. He is gregarious and outgoing with everyone he has met here at the ranch. Pete is treasure just waiting for you to meet him. At the end of the day Pete is above all us just a happy, happy boy ready to start a new… Read More


Meet Adorable Max

Meet Max the super calm and confident young man. Nothing really seems to faze this guy! He had a fantastic day at PetSmart in Medford last Saturday at an adoption event where he was absolutely an awesome ambassador for all things bully. Max has the subdued energy to be able keep up with you as… Read More


Meet Pearl Who Loves To Do What Humans Do

Pearl is a medium to high energy gal that loves to do what the humans are doing. She came to us from the county as a stray and clearly, wants to make up for lost time in not being with people to love and love her. She is ready for loving, just remember that part… Read More


Meet Jammison

Jammison is true to his lab and pointer heritage. He is a boy ready for action and is up for any sport. His playgroup buddies here at the ranch love to have him inspire them to play. Besides playing with his canine friends he loves to play with humans too! Jammison is perfect for the… Read More

Name: Zeus
Sex: M
Age 3 yrs
Weight: 60 lbs.

Let’s Help Find Zeus A Loving Home!

Zeus wants to engage you in a rousing game of fetch and loves attention. He is good with other dogs but maybe just a little too interested in cats to live with a cat in his home. This guy walks well on a leash, can sit, shake, and lay down! Zeus is out of the… Read More

Name: Shasta
Sex: F
Age: 10 months
Weight: 40 lbs

Meet Shasta The Love Bug

Shasta is a total love bug. She was one of our RR foster pups that grew up in a very loving family that had to make the tough choice that she was just not a good fit for living in a San Francisco townhouse! Shasta is kid friendly and loves her squeaky toys. She is… Read More


Meet Maggie

Maggie is new to us at Rescue Ranch and has recently been lucky enough to land in an amazing foster home so we can learn more about her. So far, we know she loves other dogs and can be a bit shy, so she would do best in a home with another dog to help… Read More

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Please check back to see how you can help the Rescue Ranch on Tuesday, November 28th, Giving Tuesday!


Dogs abandoned and abused by pot farms, taken in by Rescue Ranch



Hi, my name is Lucky and I’m looking to share many years of devotion and friendship.

Lucky is “a just perfect sized” 40-pound young terrier mix cutie. Lucky would absolutely love to be best buds with an active person or family who can take him for runs or hikes or bike rides. Lucky loves just about everything, and is always up for new experiences to keep him active and smiling. Lucky… Read More

Edwin goofy

Come out and meet Edwin and smile at his goofy hair doos and happy tail wags

Our boy Edwin is a real diamond. He is a very responsive to volunteers and staff here at Rescue Ranch. He is around 5 years old, 70 pounds and has an amazing amount of energy for walks and play. If your family is looking for a dog active enough to keep up with you but… Read More