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A Dog and his Boy

One day there was a kid who really wanted a puppy.  As part of his leadership class, the kid made a puppy exercising toy for a place called the Rescue Ranch.  When he delivered the toy, he saw many puppies.  The kid begged his parents for a long while before they finally agreed to foster… Read More

21 Canines Transferred to Rescue Ranch Van in Redding, CA.

21 Canines Transferred to Rescue Ranch Van in Redding, CA.

Please enjoy this short video of the maiden voyage of the new Rescue Ranch transport van. The purchase of this van was made possible due to a generous donation from the Arthur R. Dubs Foundation. And thanks to Crater Lake Ford in Medford for finding us the perfect vehicle with just the right amount of… Read More


Mali’s 7th Birthday!

My name is Mali. For my 7th birthday, instead of getting presents I wanted to give a gift. There is nothing I love more than dogs. In fact, my best friend is my dog Yogi. We adopted him from Rescue Ranch. I am so grateful to Rescue Ranch that I get to live with and love… Read More

Roberts Senior Project

Robert’s Senior Project

I did my senior project on setting up an adoption event for Rescue Ranch.  I learned that it takes a lot of behind the scene things to prepare for these types of events.  Whether or not a dog participates in an adoption event could depend on the personality of the dog or how the dog… Read More

Why a Senior Dog?

Why a Senior Dog?

Senior dogs are practiced in the fine art of companionship, they want to love you as much as you want to love them. Senior dogs have learned many of life’s lessons! For example, they know shoes are for walking, not for chewing. It’s also important to remember that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Interested… Read More


So, how does your valuable donation save lives? Below are a few of the ways your money is put to use here at Rescue Ranch. One $10.00 donation can provide a microchip, we microchip and average of 25 dogs/month. One $25 donation can provide a 40 lb. bag of dog food, we use approximately 1… Read More

RR Dinner/Dance Fundraiser

RR Dinner/Dance Fundraiser

Balloon Festival

Balloon Festival

Annual Balloon Festival in Shasta Valley with daily balloon flights, vendors, a Saturday Parade, food, and much more. Rescue Ranch will be there with several dogs, come on down and meet a new family member!


Pet Smart

Rescue Ranch will be at Petsmart on Sept. 14-16th, 2018! Come on down, meet some pretty amazing dogs and take home a new family member!


Jammin’ On Main Street

Come on down to Etna on August 3rd, enjoy some great music, great food, and meet some great dogs!    


Agility Classes!

Vern & Kathy Fueston will be teaching Agility classes starting July 10th, 6:30 PM here at Rescue Ranch. The classes will be 1 hour long, and will run for 6 weeks. Classes will be $75.00.   For more info, call the ranch at (530) 842-0829.


Lumberjack Fiesta Days

Event runs from 6PM on Friday to 6PM on Sunday.   The 71st Annual McCloud Lumberjack Fiesta Days will be held July 27th, 28th, and 29th this upcoming year. The event is the McCloud Community Recreation Council’s main fundraiser. Proceeds earned from the event are given back to the kids and community of McCloud in… Read More

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Petsmart Dog Wash

Come down and get your dog washed, a great fundraiser for a great cause!

yosemite sam

North State Music Jam

Head on down to Etna this Saturday for music, food and a chance to meet some really amazing dogs!

rr dog logan

How Cute Is Logan!! Let’s Find Him His Furever Home

Logan is a big happy boy. He loves toys and exploring the world. Logan has been here since the beginning of November. He is ready for his forever home. Logan does well with most other dogs that can handle his size. If you would like to meet this handsome big boy please come down to… Read More


May I Introduce You To Tori. Looking For Her Furever Home

Tori is a very sweet girl. She loves to play with other dogs that can take her level of energy. Tori enjoys going out and exploring anywhere you want to find. Tori does need a home with a secure yard because if she doesn’t have a friend she could climb out to go find a… Read More

yosemite sam

Meet Yosemite Sam. Let’s Find Him His Forever Home

Yosemite Sam is now looking for his forever home. He is a very sweet little guy is shy when he first meets people but warms up and loves attention sort after. Sam is learning how to walk on a leash and be a dog. Come on out to Rescue Ranch 7 days a week from… Read More


May I Introduce You To Mister Buddy B!

This is mister Buddy B. He is a happy boy who loves to be with people. He can be shy with new people but learns to trust fast. Buddy B does well with other dogs, but he would much rather be in your lap on the couch all day. Come on out to Rescue Ranch… Read More

rr may

Let Me Introduce You To Natalie

Natalie is a very sweet and goofy girl. She loves to play ball or chase birds. Natalie walks great on a leash and is always ready for a good day of hiking and exploring. Come on out to Rescue Ranch 7 days a week from noon to 4 pm and cuddle with Natalie and see… Read More

kane rr

Meet The Lovable Kane – Let’s Find His Furever Home

This handsome boy is Kane. He is a lover once he gets to know you. Kane does ok with most other dogs. He will need to go to a home with an experienced owner and a fenced yard. Kane loves to go for walks and explore or just lay around in the house with his human.… Read More


Obedience Classes

Rescue Ranch is going to start holding dog obedience classes here at the ranch. These classes will be starting Thursday,  May 3rd at 5:30. The instructor for these wonderful classes will be Nancy Ogren. The classes will run for six weeks, each class is 1 hour long. Please call the Rescue Ranch to sign up… Read More


Meet The Very Happy Noah – Let’s Find Him His Furever Home

Noah is a very happy boy. He is always happy to go out and explore the world. He gets along with other dogs and loves his play time. Noah is still young and can use someone with time to work through his puppy times. Come on out to Rescue Ranch 7 days a week from… Read More

edwin rr

Ladies and Gentlemen Please Say Hi To Edwin

Edwin is an affectionate dog. He loves to be with people, and mostly just wants to be by their side. He is quite passive but loves a good rough play session as well. Edwin would make a very good companion to anyone looking for a highly people motivated dog All our dogs at Rescue Ranch… Read More


May I Introduce You To The Lovely Pearl

Pearl is a very independent gal. Her favorite past time is laying on a soft blanket in the sun with something to chew on. She does well with most dogs, however, dogs with to high of energy can get her overexcited. She would love to go to a home where she can go for a… Read More

mace web

Let Me Introduce You To The Sweet And Wonderful Mace…..

Mister Mace is a sweet old boy. He was rescued from an abusive situation before being brought to Rescue Ranch. Mace is a relaxed and very friendly boy. He is around 6 years old. Mace is a part of Rescue Ranches “Seniors for Seniors” program. This program we pair senior dogs with senior citizens. If… Read More

Grange Co-op Adoption Event

Grange Co-op Adoption Event

Join us at the Grange Co-op on Hwy 99 in Central Point for a Pet Adoption Event

Petsmart Adoption Event

Petsmart Adoption Event

Join us at Petsmart on Crater Lake Hwy in Medford for this Pet Adoption Event


Spring Fun Day!!

RR SPRING FUN DAY 2018 Sit. Wait. Have You Heard What’s Happening at Rescue Ranch? Saturday, March 31st ● 12:00 am to 3:00 pm ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE RESCUE DOGS • Demos; State of Jefferson Working Dogs will join us! • Doggie Spring Fashion Show and Competition (Make your own costume or borrow some of… Read More

rommel web

We Would Like To Introduce You To Rommel

Looking for a companion to help you find that perfect turkey? Rommel here is a bird dog looking to hone his skills. Rommel is a German Short Haired Pointer, and he is highly trainable. He is completely capable and willing to learn new skills. He is ready to get that great Tom for you. At… Read More


Meet The Wonderful Shasta. Looking For Her Furever Home

Meet foster dog Shasta! Shasta does best in a home with another dog. She does best with small dogs and puppies but still gets along with bigger dogs as well. She is friendly outgoing and always curious. Her favorite pass time is playing ball or roughhousing with doggie friends.  Shasta is a wonderful dog! If… Read More


Let’s Find This Wonderful Senior A Loving Home

Dougie is another one of our fabulous foster dogs! Dougie has the energy and happy attitude to keep up with outgoing and happy dogs half his age. He came from home where he was an only dog and a much loved and cherished family member. He is great with all age groups. HE can be… Read More

rr ember

Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You To Ember!

Meet our fabulous gorgeous wonderful foster dog, Ember! Ember is looking for a loyal loving companion. After a daily walk. A treat or two, she just enjoys hanging out with her family. She gets along with both cats and dogs! She is house trained and would like her own recliner. After all she is a… Read More

rr group

Meet The Newest Additions To Then Rescue Ranch

The top row (D pups) are a Husky mix. These pups are about 8 weeks old. They are a lively bunch and are starting to show some of that Husky personality. There are 7 males and 2 females. The bottom row (Z pups) are a pit, lab, and healer. They are about 12 weeks old… Read More

RR Cheesie

Say Hi To Cheesie!

Cheesie (formally Nyles) is a return here at Rescue Ranch. He was adopted as a puppy last year but unfortunately, the owners became unable to care for him and he was returned. He loves to snuggle and is great with kids. He is easy going, loves to play fetch. He knows some basic commands such… Read More

She loves to hang out and watch TV

Beautiful Mercy

We talked about getting a dog for a few years, but our house was on such a small lot, it just wouldn’t have been good for anyone. We were looking for larger property a little out of town, so the conversation came back up. We went to an adoption event at Petsmart in Medford on… Read More

rr Tori

Say Hi To Tori

Tori is a shy pup. She needs some love and affection in her life. She does well with most dogs and currently is buddies with Branson. She walks excellent on leash but does not know any basic commands. Tori is looking for a home where someone understands her and can give her the affection she… Read More

rr London

Let Me Introduce You To KOng

This is Kong! A big lug! He’s a friendly dog who loves all people and most dogs. He needs some room to run around and would do best with a buddy. In the past few months, he is really matured and practiced his manner and basic commands. Kong is neutered, microchipped, and current on all… Read More

rr jack

Everybody Say Hi To Jack!

Jack is a sweet dog, looking for his only person. Jack enjoys attention from all people but will follow the right person to the ends of the Earth. He knows how to “sit”, “lay down”, “stay”, “load up”, and “hop over”. He would be an excellent dog for agility courses and competitions. Jack will learn anything new as long… Read More

RR Trinity

Ladies and Gentlemen Meet Trinity

Trinity is new to us here at Rescue Ranch. She has a big heart, in a little body. She has a lot of spunk which she releases through her kisses! We have not tried her with other dogs yet but she will likely be great! Trinity is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccinations. Come… Read More

rr shane

Meet Christmas Pups Harris, Shane, and Spencer

 These are the last of the Christmas pups! They are nearly 4 months old now! If you are looking for a loving and gentle companion, look no further!  Come on out to Rescue Ranch 7 days a week from noon to 4 pm and cuddle with the pups and see if they have the right… Read More


The Reeser’s  Puppy Foster Family-in their words-

We foster puppies for many reasons. One of them being it is extremely therapeutic for my husband Craig. He is a disabled veteran with PTSD. The foster puppies have proven to bring his overall well-being up a, bringing him a smile more often. When Craig’s feeling down I can put a little puppy in his… Read More


What is National Adoption Weekend?

Four times per year, PetSmart Charities works with Animal Welfare Organizations across North America to host pet adoption events within PetSmart stores. When you attend, you’ll find dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and small pets all in need of a lifelong, loving home. The amazing rescue organizations at the PetSmart in Medford February 16th-18th, 2018 ensure… Read More


61 abandoned puppies and stray moms taken in during the months of November -January.

Puppy rescue at Rescue Ranch is truly a community affair. It starts with puppies (sometimes pregnant moms or moms already with pups) spending quality time safely in a foster home. Every litter of puppies is different from those young enough to still need bottle feeding every few hours to those old enough to start their… Read More


Lilly Is In The Building

Lily is a girl that is all about having people in her life. Lily is the kind of girl that would really like to be with her special someone (and all their friends), all of the time. She can be great hanging out with other dogs her size (right now Travis and Spinner are her… Read More


It’s Travis!!!

Travis is a new arrival at RR. Travis is a special need boy too, needing daily eye drops to keep his eyes moist. Travis traveled here on the saving chain of transport angels coming to us from Avenal. So far, at the ranch, he is extremely curious but a little shy and reserved with new… Read More


Ladies and Gentlemen We Introduce You To Spinner

Spinner is an adorable Apple Head Chihuahua. He is a very special boy with a special need. Our Spinner is mostly deaf but does super responding to visual and vibrational cues. He also doesn’t let his special need slow him down! He does well with other dogs here at the ranch; showing off and being… Read More


Meet Becky

Becky has an intense gaze that pierces your heart and soul. When she is waiting for you she is very patient and respectful. She really likes to cuddle with her favorite people. She plays well with multiple dogs in groups and one on one. She knows some of her basic commands. Come on out to… Read More


Meet Rail

Rail is our big boy lab, at about 80lbs! and between one and two years old. He has excellent manners and aims to please. He knows his name and comes when called. He is affectionate and likes being with people. He plays well with other dogs in our active playgroups. Rail is an excellent leash… Read More

Meet Squirrel

Meet Squirrel

Squirrel is a about one-year-old and about 45lbs. She is extremely smart and knows how to find attention. She is a wild child with a relentless ball drive. Her obsession with toys means she is an extremely trainable dog for the special someone who has time for her. She plays well with other dogs. Come… Read More

Schip family unite!

Schipp Sisters

We got our ‘Girls’ February 2016 – from a family of nine! Trouble & Noni (No Name) eventually became Bella and Foxy. I often tell the story, of how these dogs were destined for our home. My wife is very fond of a Family friend schipperke mix. That day we drove down from Oregon, to… Read More