Meet Whylin

Whylin, Rescue Ranch Dog of the Week

Are are looking for a large dog to share your adventures in the great outdoors? If so, we’d love for you to come meet Whylin! This gorgeous three-year-old mastiff mix is one big bundle of enthusiasm. Whylin has been a resident at Rescue Ranch for about six months now, waiting for a second chance at happily-ever-after. He would be a fantastic companion for anyone who wants a hiking buddy or a loyal guardian.

Whylin is an eager, impulsive, highly active dog. He needs an adopter who will provide firm leadership. Fortunately, he’s a very smart boy and highly treat motivated. He’s currently working on his leash manners. He knows how to “Sit” for treats and “Wait” for permission to leave his kennel. Given consistent practice and plenty of positive reinforcement, he will gladly learn whatever is expected of him.

Whylin is house-trained and gets along well with other out-going canine companions. He would probably be happy to share a home with other dogs. Of course, he would have to meet any prospective future canine companions at our facilities to ensure a good fit. Beause of his size and strength, Whylin would do best in an adult-only household, or possibly one with older children who understand what he needs. He’d love to have a large, securely fenced yard or some acreage to run and play in to his heart’s content.

Does this handsome dog sound like your perfect match? Then give us a call at (530)842-0829 to make an appointment to meet him today!

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Walk-ins are welcome, but please check our hours before coming to visit. If you’re coming from a long way to meet a specific dog, we encourage you to call us first to be sure they’re available and on site when you visit. Phone: (530) 842-0829.