Meet Pinot and Noir


If you are looking to adopt a dog who really needs your tender loving care, we’d like to introduce you to a pair of dogs in need of all the love you can give. Little Pinot and Noir were transferred to the ranch from a kill shelter back in January. We don’t know anything about their history or why they ended up in rescue, but we suspect they once had a home. At first, both dogs were pretty terrified and shut down. But after several weeks of being surrounded by kindness, they are realizing that people can be trusted. They need a home where they will be given all the time and space they need to gain confidence.

Of the two, Pinot is the shyest and is still quite skittish, even around people she knows. Given encouragement, she will come up for treats and allow herself to be stroked very gently. Noir is coming along a little more quickly. He bounces with eagerness when he sees a friend and will even put his paws on your lap to ask for treats. If you’re lucky, you might even get a kiss! Both dogs are peaceful around other small dogs. We think they might do best in a home with a confident dog who can model for them how to interact with people.

Pinot and Noir do not appear to have any formal training, but they are fairly quiet and low energy. Although Noir will occasionally alert bark, Pinot hardly ever does. They may have lived primarily outside in their previous life because they do not seem to be completely housetrained. They just need someone who will be patient as they get the hang of the house rules. A doggy door would help, and a securely fenced yard to play in is a must.

If Pinot and Noir touch your heart, come on down to the Ranch and meet them today!

Walk-ins are welcome, but please check our hours before coming to visit. If you’re coming from a long way to meet a specific dog, we encourage you to call us first to be sure they’re available and on site when you visit. Phone: (530) 842-0829.