Meet Otto


Otto is a gorgeous dog who is going to make some lucky person very happy. He spent the first part of his life as a breeder, in less than ideal conditions. Now that he has come into rescue, he is revealing his true personality. He is a keenly intelligent dog with an intense desire to devote himself to his handler. Otto is looking for an adopter who can give him an outlet for his abundant energy and intelligence, as well as the companionship he craves.

Otto is one smart cookie and is already familiar with all the basic obedience commands. He knows “Sit,” “Down,” and “Stay” as well as “Shake” and “Roll over” and he’s eager to learn more! We feel sure he would make a prime working dog and would probably excel in obedience or agility competitions. Thanks to his attentiveness and desire to please, he is extremely easy to teach.

It’s only to be expected that Otto does have some minor issues that need work: Due to a history of malnourishment, he is very focused on food and, if not prevented, will snatch anything edible that he can reach. He needs to learn that his nutritional needs will be met and that he doesn’t need to look for altternative sources. Also, he is bouncy and will jump up on his person to try to get the attention he craves. He needs to learn to keep all four paws firmly planted on the ground.

He does best when given consistent, kind leadership and a structured environment. With enough exercise, attention, and some ground rules, Otto will thrive. And when his humans are busy, interactive toys are a great way to keep this smart boy busy and out of trouble.

Otto is very well socialized with other dogs but can be a bit domineering. He would likely do well with another active, confident canine companion. He can be a bit territorial behind a barrier but is otherwise polite. We do not know his history with cats.

If you are looking for the love of your life, come down to the Ranch to meet Otto today!

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