Baker, Rescue Ranch Dog of the Week

Meet Baker,

If dogs could talk, what stories they could tell! Baker might tell us why he was found roaming the streets of Bakersfield with a ball tied around his neck with a wire. Thankfully, a good Samaritan took him in and he eventually made his way to Rescue Ranch. This spunky little dog has come a long way! We’re glad to be able to offer him a second chance at a happy home where he will be cherished.

Baker is just a touch on the timid side, but he’s working hard to rebuild his trust in people. These days, he wags his tail eagerly at his friends. He even stands up on his hind legs to beg for cuddles. As long as you respect his boundaries and treat him gently, Baker makes an affectionate companion. He also gets along well with other dogs his size, even sharing a bed with his kennel-mate. He’s polite with cats and would be happy to share his home with a feline.

Though he’s in his middle years–we’re guessing about seven years old–Baker is still plenty spry and is always excited to go on an outing with our visitors and volunteers. He loves his short walks but doesn’t need a great deal of exercise. He would make a wonderful lap dog. He’s also fairly quiet for a chihuahua, though he still likes to practice his barking on occasion.

You will notice that his right eye is significantly smaller than his left. Our vet surmised this was due to an old lesion, possibly resulting from a pre-rescue injury. Here at the ranch, we think his mismatched eyes give him a special charm.

Does Baker sound like your cup of tea? Then come on down to the Ranch to meet him today! Walk-ins are welcome.  If you’re coming from a long way to meet a specific dog, we encourage you to call first: (530) 842-0829.

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Walk-ins are welcome, but please check our hours before coming to visit. If you’re coming from a long way to meet a specific dog, we encourage you to call us first to be sure they’re available and on site when you visit. Phone: (530) 842-0829.