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Rehome: My name is Alexia

Name: Alexia Age: 1 year old Breed: German/Australian Shepard I currently live in Medford Oregon. About Alexia: Alexia is a sweet loving Australian/German Shepard, 1-year-old pup, she is loving, caring, and a complete sweetheart. She does not bite and is one loyal pup. She is a special needs pup and unfortunately, I can’t keep her… Read More


Rehome: Searching for a loving retirement home

Name: Kupa and kyla Age: 10 and 13 Breed: Pitbull I currently live in Yreka California. About Kupa and kyla: We have been together for the last 11 years, we love people and kids and attention. We are very easy going and kennel trained. However, depending on the other animal, we may not like them.… Read More



NAME: Major SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 4 years WEIGHT: 75 lbs. BREED: German Shepherd Major is major sweetheart. He’s very friendly and get along with everyone. He is leash trained, loves toys, fetch and he’s always ready for the next adventure.  He is obedient, playful, affectionate, and eager to please. Major has lived with kids,… Read More

Bindi Roo Posing on her hike

Rehome: Cuddle Bug wrapped in a dog named Bindi Roo

Name: Bindi Roo “Boo” Age: 2 Breed: Retriever mix                   I currently live in Central Point Oregon. About Bindi Roo “Boo”: Bindi Roo “Boo” is the most lovable cuddly dog. She loves snuggles and loves being next to you. She loves hiking, walking, and would make a… Read More


Rehome: Need a good home

Name: Kush Age: 2 Breed: Brindle mix I currently live in 726 1/2 HEARN ST California. About Kush: She is a very good dog she loves to play and run love’s walks she loves people and kids Please contact the owner directly at (530) 953-7409 bigboobie187542@gmail.com The dog you see above is a local owner… Read More


My daughter’s dog had passed away and she was so sad. After a few months, she told me she was ready for a new fur friend. I took her to pick out a new friend. And she just fell in love with Clancy. So we brought him home and he just got right in. We… Read More


Babsi Boopsie

Adam’s father passed away and we took his dog Desi in to our home. Desi had a rough year losing both his female doggy companion and his owner in about 6 months. Now he is living with us and he is alone as we both work. I knew this could be a win win situation.… Read More



NAME: Willie SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 1 yr 7 months WEIGHT: 25 lbs. BREED: Chihuahua Mix Willie is a handsome dog who can be a little cautious when you first meet but is very sweet and friendly once he gets comfortable. He loves to play and gets along well with other dogs. He has also… Read More

Winnie, Brookie, Josie and Jax

Anne’s Pups 1st Birthday

Anne’s pups were born February 11, 2020. There were 8 in the litter, and today 4 of them met up to celebrate their 1st birthday. It was so fun to see them play, run and romp around together. Josie was the biggest, Jax was the fastest, Brookie was the smallest (but darn fast too!), Winnie… Read More

This is The dog of the Week Yoki


  NAME: Yoki SEX: Male EST. AGE:  3 yrs. old WEIGHT: 52 lbs BREED: American Pit Bull Terrier   Yoki came on a road trip to the Rescue Ranch from Contra Costa County for a brighter future. He’s a handsome boy who can be a little shy when he first meets you, however, with a… Read More


Rehome: Duke’s Mom passed away.

Name: Duke Age: 4yrs Breed: Pitbull I currently live in Weed California. About Duke: Hi, my name is Duke and as my mom used to tell me I am a handsome & happy boy. I have tons of energy, love to run and jump so I need at least a 6 ft fence and a… Read More


Rehome: Loves to cuddle and be petted

Name: Domino Age: 11 Breed: Poodle mix I currently live in Henderson Nevada. About Domino: Domino is an 11 year old playful, active ,healthy, loving dog. He loves to cuddle on the couch, chair or bed beside a person. Loves to play with his ball or his chew toy. Loves to play with other dogs… Read More

Are you talking to me?

Rehome: Daisy needs a new bestfriend♡

Name: Daisy Age: 2 Breed: Hound/Doberman I currently live in Grants Pass Oregon. About Daisy: This is Daisy! She is full of energy and has a heart of gold. She loves going out for runs especially after birds of any sort. She is 2 years old and is ready to be your new best friend.… Read More

sai the white husky


    NAME: Sai SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 3 yrs. old WEIGHT: 60 lbs. BREED: Husky Mix Sai is an affectionate husky mix. He’s a happy, goofy dog that loves to play and meet new people. He is good on a leash, good with kids and other dogs, and has basic training. Just like any… Read More


Rehome: Pepper

Name: Pepper Age: 8 Breed: German Shepard I currently live in Medford Oregon. About Pepper: Great family dog! She is spayed and current on all vaccines. Very gentle and loving with kids. Good with other dogs once properly introduced. Needs a secure yard where strangers can not enter as she is protective of her family… Read More

Miles rolling around on the bed loving his new home.

Miles Ahead in Life

A Tale of Neglect to Happy New Beginnings of Love and Adventure Surrounded by scrap metal, dirt, and weed overgrowth, Miles spent his youth marooned in his former owner’s back yard, lucky to even get a scrap to eat while chained to a post. Thankfully, an angel of mercy in the form of a Siskiyou… Read More



Name: Ursula Age: 5-7 YEARS OLD Breed: Stafshire/ black lab/ and not sure what else I currently live in Montague California. About Ursula: Don’t know too much we got her from an elderly couple in front of Wal-Mart who were homeless due to a wildfire. She took to me so I brought her home Please… Read More



Rebel is about 2 years old, and 60lbs. We are looking for a foster for him because of his length of stay here at Rescue Ranch. We are looking for a volunteer foster to take on this ball crazy dog. The ideal foster will have a tall fence, and lots of time to play fetch,… Read More


Rose is a very shy dog. She came to us from a hoarding case here in the county. She will need a quiet home who can be very patient with her, but can also push her enough to bring her out of her shell! She is 4-5 years old and about 45lbs.


Rehome: German Shepherd in need of loving home

Name: Dakota Age: 7 Breed: German Shepherd I currently live in Redding California. About Dakota: Dakota is a 7 year old male D by purebred German Shepherd who needs to find a loving home. Unfortunately due to life circumstances, his owner is unable to keep him. Dakota is calm, loving, loves people, walks and playing… Read More



    NAME: Geoff SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 1 yr. old WEIGHT: 65 lbs. BREED: American Bulldog     Geoff is a sweet silly dog who came to us from San Francisco Animal Care Center. He knows sit and is good with other dogs. He does still need to learn that a leash is not… Read More


Bella the Beat

Bella (Arabella at the rescue) has been the piece our home needed! She has blossomed from the shyest pup we’ve ever met into a crazy fun loving beautiful snuggle bug! She’s brought Copper out of his shell after the loss of our lab Ruby and has gifted us with so much love, many smiles, and… Read More



  NAME: Rodeo SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 2 ½ yrs. old WEIGHT: 75 lbs. BREED: American Staffordshire Terrier Rodeo is one of the biggest Velcro dogs we have ever meet. All he wants to do is stay by your side. Rodeo is completely deaf and relies on facial and hand gestures from his people to… Read More



NAME: Dakota SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 4 yrs. old WEIGHT: 60 lbs. BREED: Husky Mix Dakota is a high energy husky. He loves being outside and is very food motivated. Come meet this boy. If you’re interested in learning more about this dog, please give us a call 530-842-0829 and come down for a meet &… Read More

A Rescue Made In Heaven

We lost both of our beloved Rotties this year to cancer. On our annual migration to Arizona from Oregon we stopped by Rescue Ranch on the off chance we would find a puppy to help fill the void in our lives. Miraculously Manny (now Vader) entered the picture and has fully integrated himself into our… Read More


Furever Grateful Fur Danner

Our family was blessed when we adopted Danner from the Yreka Rescue Ranch! We understood Danner had a rough start, running the streets of So. Cal as a puppy, then thankfully making his way to the Ranch. He was terrified in our car all the way to Eugene, then spent the first three days pacing… Read More

Baby Brindle

Shasta made 2020 great!

We adopted Shasta (formerly Amara) in Feb & it was the best part of this year. We met mom & we thought Shasta was American Bulldog mix. DNA shows 12% Cattle dog, 12% Rottweiler, 50% Staffordshire & 25% a few African hounds! Shasta has a bark of a 100lb dog and the sweetest personality. Perfect… Read More

Roca loves her kitties, especially Toby

Roca has Made Our Year!

We adopted Roca at Rescue Ranch when she was just 10 weeks old. I’d been watching her on Facebook since she was born, thanks to foster mom Laura’s daily videos. Roca (then Gayle) was one of 10 pups born to Shadow and Kunta; both dogs had been surrendered to Rescue Ranch. We were impressed with… Read More

Bridgette, Rescue Ranch dog, available for adoption.


    NAME: Bridgette SEX: Female ESTIMATED AGE: 1 yr. old WEIGHT: 43 lbs. BREED: Shepherd Mix Bridgette is a sweet girl.  She is friendly and just loves attention. After a proper introduction, Bridgette loves to play with other dogs. Her favorite pastimes are fetching and cuddling. If you’re interested in learning more about this… Read More



NAME: Hesperis SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 1 ½ yr. old WEIGHT: 43 lbs. BREED: Siberian Husky Hesperis is a new husky. Hesperis is a sweet boy who likes to be with people and other dogs. He would love to go on long hikes with his people and love cuddles. If you’re interested in learning more… Read More


Foster: Cookie the Chihuahua

Cookie is a senior Chihuahua. We estimate him to be about 10 years old. Cookie needs lots of one on one time with some people to earn his trust! If you are interested please call or stop by to meet him! Thank you.



NAME: Clifford SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 11 Months old WEIGHT: 75 lbs BREED: Husky/Shepherd Mix        Clifford recently came to Rescue Ranch with his brother Blue.  He can be on the shy side but warms up quickly.  He is good on the leash and can sit for his treat! If you’re interested in learning… Read More



NAME: Sigh SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 7 ½  yrs old WEIGHT: 60 lbs BREED: Red Heeler       Sigh love people, kids and is use to being in a shop/business setting.  He is not fond of kittens or small cats. Sigh is  a laid back boy! If you’re interested in learning more about this… Read More



NAME: Mackay SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 1 yr old WEIGHT: 65 lbs BREED: American Pit Bull Terrier        Mackay is looking for a home with experience in teaching basic manners (still likes to jump for attention) and plenty of time to play!  He has lived with several other dogs in the past and gets along with his… Read More



NAME: Camille SEX: Female ESTIMATED AGE: 6 yrs old WEIGHT: 60 lbs BREED: Akita   A SWEET, BUT SHY GIRL. Camille needs a loving home without any cats.     If you’re interested in learning more about this dog, please give us a call 530-842-0829 and come down for a meet & greet 12-4pm!  … Read More

Loves her brother Bear

Over the Moon for our Luna!

Luna (Little Becky) has been the absolute best addition to our family. She is the perfect combination of playful silliness and cuddly snuggle bug. She fits in like she’s always been in our family- even the cats like her! We are so grateful to have found her at Rescue Ranch! ~ Suzi

River is Home

Hi I’m River, I was Raven from the Crazy 8 pups. But my new mommy changed my name when she adopted me.. I’m 11 weeks now! My mom is also 11. Grandma says I’m a great ball of fun. I’m learning new things everyday and have found so many new & wonderful first to try.… Read More



Dobby is just the perfect dog, full of energy and full of love. Very good boy. Loves making friends and playing with his toy chickens. ~ Tailer

Foster: Rodeo

Greetings Rescue Ranch fosters! Rodeo came to RR on 5/9/2020. He is a sweet boy who really loves agility courses! He does well with other dogs, and is cautious of new people. Rodeo would blossom in a foster home where someone could spend more time with him. Rodeo is deaf, and will need a foster… Read More

Fosters 10-1-2020

Hello Fosters! This will be the first of hopefully many successful foster requests. As most of you know, Rescue Ranch has many evacuated dogs from the Slater Fire in Happy Camp. We are also expecting some returns from those who lost their homes in Oregon. We are unable to allow foster of evacuated dogs per… Read More

Marti was playing in the garden and some dandelion fuzz fell on him, giving him the appearance of having been blessed by a fairy

Marti the exuberant good-boy

Marti, (formerly Slate, one of Jem’s pups) has been the biggest blessing in the entire world. He is the most loving boy who loves to cuddle but is also always down to go on a hike, run or play. He is incredibly smart and had already learned at five months how to open the refrigerator… Read More



NAME: Finch SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 2 ½  yrs old WEIGHT: 70 lbs   Finch is a great dog. He would make someone the perfect constant companion. He has a super soft coat and loves to give hugs! He is good with dogs, but will take proper introduction! Experienced handler a must! (Level 2-3)  Finch… Read More



NAME: Finn SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 2 yrs old WEIGHT: 70 lbs          Finn is a beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier.  He is one big bundle of love, a Panda Bear is a dog body.  He loves his treats and going for walks.  Finn is fabulous…just ask him!     If you’re interested in learning… Read More



NAME: Finn SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 2 yr old WEIGHT: 70 lbs        Finn is a beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier.  He is one big bundle of love, a Panda Bear is a dog body.  He loves his treats and going for walks.  Finn is fabulous…just ask him!     If you’re interested in learning… Read More


Maggie Mae

NAME: Maggie Mae SEX: Female ESTIMATED AGE: Almost 2 yrs old WEIGHT: 55 lbs        Maggie Mae is a sweet and affectionate girl.  She seems to love all people. She can be good with other dogs, but will need to be closely watched.  Maggie is looking for a forever home where she is preferably… Read More


DOW: Poe!

NAME: Poe SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 2 yrs old WEIGHT: 38 lbs        Poe is two year old Catahoula/Cattle dog mix.  He can be shy at first but warms up quickly.  Poe has been in a play group with a puppy and active lab mix and enjoyed the running after the ball. If you’re… Read More


DOW: Rascal!

NAME: Rascal SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 1 1/2 yrs old WEIGHT: 40 lbs        Rascal is a Labrador Retriever mix.  We are just learning more about him, he arrived at Rescue Ranch the first week of August 2020. If you’re interested in learning more about this dog, please give us a call 530-842-0829 and… Read More



  NAME: Quinn SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 1 1/2 yrs old WEIGHT: 55 lbs        Quinn has been at rescue ranch for a few days now and is settiling in very smoothly. If you are looking for a sweet cuddly boy to bring home to your family he will be here waiting to fill… Read More



NAME: Finn SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 2 yrs old WEIGHT: 70 lbs         Finn is a funny, sweet American Staffordshire Terrier.  He has a bubbly personality and is friendly.  He has enjoyed some playtime with other dogs at the ranch.       If you’re interested in learning more about this dog, please give… Read More



NAME: Whylin SEX: Male ESTIMATED AGE: 1 yr old WEIGHT: 80 lbs     Whylin is a young Mastiff/Labrador mix with lots of potential. He likes other dogs but can be a bit shy of them! He knows sit and can be good on leash, but he still needs basic dog training.  Whylin has a… Read More